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Need Help Choosing?

My child is teething! Should i buy Amber or Hazelwood necklace?
We've found Baltic amber to be more effective to teething babies. However if there are acidity related issues (eczema, acid reflux, skin rashes) Hazelwood necklace would be more effective for that.

Which amber necklace should i choose? Raw or Polished?
We've found Raw amber to be more effective. It has higher concentration of succinic  acid comparing to Polished type (some of succinic acid is removed during polishing process)

Which amber color should i choose? Cherry, Cognac, Honey, Lemon or Multicolor?
Despite numerous claims throughout the internet color doesn't matter. We get great response on lighter colors, as well as on darker colors. That being said Honey Raw and Lemon Raw are our currently top rated and best selling lines.

Should i use amber necklace, amber bracelet/anklet or both?
Amber should be place as close to the source of pain as possible. For example necklace would be better choice for teething babies, and adults with headaches, migraines, neck pains, etc. Bracelet/anklets would work better for arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, restless legs syndrome.
If possible we recommend using both for maximum effect.